the rule ○of law," the ■statement sai●d, after M●eng attended a cour■t hearing in Vancouv〓er on Wednesday morn●ing local time.●The statem○ent was made by Ben○jamin Howes, vice◆ president of Can◆adian medi●a affairs a●t Huawei, outside 〓the British Colum〓bia Supreme● Court."The ◆criminal case again◆st Ms. Meng i◆s based on alleg●ations that are◆ simply not true.○ To the contrary, ■it was made cl●ear in cour●t today th◆at business act○ivities

ant Huawe〓i said

by Ms■. Meng were conducte■d openly and tr○ansparently wi○th full knowledge○ of banking off〓icials," Howes said■.The lawyers not〓ed in cour〓t that there is■ no evidence to prov〓e that Meng co○mmitted acts of de〓ceit, dishonesty◆, or other fraud●ulent means, ◆according to t●he statement.The ac◆tions against Meng l◆ed to seriou●s and repeate●d violations of her○ rights, the stat●ement said.● Her luggage w○as searche〓d, her cellphone a●nd other electronic ◆devices were se◆ized, an

d she was◆ compelled to ○reveal her pass○words.It was● revealed